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The Union Church Preservation Project

How You Can Help Us

We Need Your Help! - Volunteers and Donations Are Graciously Accepted!

The Union Church Historic Site is in serious need of repair to preserve what is left of the former Union Church. Please help us with your donations to preserve this important piece of Falmouth, Virginia history!

In order to preserve the narthex of the Union Church Historic Site, we are requesting the help of the Falmouth community in order to make the necessary repairs.

There are many things that need repair. Below is only the start of what needs to be fixed.

Windows - The windows and window sills all need to be replaced with age-appropriate materials to seal the upstairs from the weather while maintaining proper historical significance.

Foundation - The foundation of the building is in poor shape, especially on the east side of the structure. It needs to be shored up so it won't collapse.

Removal Of Vines  - Over time, vines have grown up on the exterior brick of the building. Though the vines are no longer growing, the dead vines need to be removed by hand from the upper parts of the front and back sides of the brick structure.

Interior Structure - The wooden floors are in very poor shape. There are many missing planks on the lower floor. The upper floor is unsafe for walking and could come apart at any time.

Doors - The doors are very old and falling apart. We are trying to maintain what we have with painting the doors and door frames, but eventually they will need to be replaced.

This is only a start of what needs to be fixed. With your help, we can preserve the Union Church Historic Site for many generations to come! Help us by attending a fundraising event, attend a cleanup day, make a tax-deductable donation to the Union Church Preservation Project, or purchase Union Church Historic Site merchandise from CafePress.

Become A Member of the Union Church Preservation Project

Make a Tax-Deductable Donation (by check or PayPal)

Purchase Union Church Merchandise (From CafePress)

Contact Us to volunteer your time or equipment to help clean up and help restore the Union Church Historic Site!



2013 The Union Church Preservation Project
Falmouth, Virginia