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The Union Church Preservation Project

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Where are the ruins of the Union Church located?
  • Answer: The narthex of the former Union Church (seen above) is located on Carter Street in historic Falmouth, Virginia - an unincorporated area in southern Stafford County just north of the Rappahannock River and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Carter Street is situated between modern-day US Route 1 (Cambridge Street/Jefferson Davis Highway) and Virginia Route 218 (Butler Road).


  • Question: Why the name Union Church?
  • Answer: The word "Union" meant the coming together of the community. As the National Register nomination states, "The community built a union church because there were not enough members of one single congregation in the Falmouth community to sustain a church building;  therefore, it was utilized by the local Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist congregations. As there were very few Episcopalians in Falmouth, the latter three denominations mainly used the church. Although the understanding was to rotate Sundays, it was not uncommon to have three services following on the same Sunday. Many of the townspeople attended all three services as the church also served as a community gathering place."
  • Question: When was the Union Church built?
  • Answer: The current structure was built in 1819, replacing an earlier Anglican church that had burned.
  • Question: Did the church play a role in the Civil War?
  • Answer: Like so many churches in the area, the Union Church served as a military hospital during the Civil War. When Falmouth was occupied by Federal troops, the church served as a billet for the 7th Michigan Infantry Regiment and other units.
  • Question: When did the Union Church last hold services?
  • Answer: The Union Church last held services in 1935, after which it was abandoned.
  • Question: When was the rest of the church destroyed?
  • Answer: A violent rain storm in 1950 severely damaged the roof of the church leading to a collapse of the chancel (rear) and nave (middle), leaving only the narthex (front) intact. The rear of the narthex, as it presently stands, was bricked up in 1954 by the Falmouth community in an attempt to save what was left of the town’s old landmark.
  • Question: What work needs to be done to repair and preserve the narthex?
  • Answer: The church suffers from a number of structural maladies. Ruins of the belfry and cornice continue to rot or remain open to the elements. What exists of the east wall of the narthex is precarious, especially at the base. Currently, iron rods are barely holding the structure together. Deteriorated asphalt shingles are lost with every strong gust of wind.
  • Question: How can I help?
  • Answer: We need volunteers, construction materials and equipment, and capital equipment funds to help fix and maintain the church. We currently have merchandise to sell via Cafe press and we are accepting donations via check or via PayPal. We will also be holding fund raising events in 2012 to obtain the necessary funds to make the necessary repairs.



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Falmouth, Virginia