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The Union Church Preservation Project

About Us

The Trustees of the Union Church Historic Site (TUCHS) are committed to preserving the structure and interpreting its history. There are six trustees who are court-appointed by the Stafford County Circuit Court. The number of trustees is based on the number of trustees in the original 1868 deed of trust that is recorded at Stafford County Courthouse.

The organization is a nonprofit organization with tax exempt status. The first meeting of the Trustees was held on January 20, 2009. The organizational structure consists of officers (chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer), and operates under bylaws. Meetings are held monthly and are conducted according to the Robertís Rules of Order.

It is the mission of the Trustees of the Union Church to return the church to its former status as the iconic symbol and centerpiece of the Falmouth community.

The trustees have held clean-up days to "spruce up" the appearance of the structure, and to enlist the help of community volunteers. Broken windows have been replaced and the two double doors have been scraped and repainted. Tree limbs have been trimmed and overgrown vegetation on the exterior brick walls and around the church has been removed. Bird guano on the first and second floor has been swept out and church pews washed clean.

However, the Union Church stands in a state of serious disrepair with gaping holes in the roof, and structural damage. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has recently completed an assessment of the structure and the trustees will begin a major fundraising effort to follow the restoration plan that has been outlined.



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